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Celebrating Our Faith

All Saints Catholic School is an academic environment infused with the spiritual, historical, and social teachings of our Roman Catholic faith. Students from preschool through eighth grade are exposed to the Catholic faith daily through traditional and contemporary prayer, weekly Mass, classroom instruction, and discussions. All Saints Catholic School children grow in their relationship with the Holy Trinity through scriptural lessons and holy examples of our faith through the lives of the saints.

In addition to these experiences, we are blessed to provide our students with additional Catholic formation through:

  •  Daily morning prayer
  •  Classroom prayer throughout the day
  •  Annual faith-based retreats for each grade level
  •  Catholic Schools Week celebrations
  •  Student-led Mass readings and preparation
  •  School-wide student prayer partners
  •  Reconciliation services
  •  Weekly Stations of the Cross (Lent)
  •  Living Stations of the Cross (Holy Week)