Our Curriculum

All Saints Catholic School curriculum, the Core Knowledge Sequence, encompasses language arts, mathematics, science, history, geography, fine arts, and physical education.  This curriculum goes beyond the state-mandated curriculum, as well as the Common Core State Standards, by providing a cumulative, coherent, and content-specific foundation of knowledge that continues to build every year in each grade level.  The Core Knowledge Sequence is characterized by knowledge that is:

  • Solid - lasting, unchanging knowledge such as important events of world history;
  • Sequenced - a planned progression building on students’ previous knowledge and eliminating excessive repetition and gaps;
  • Specific - clearly defined knowledge at each grade level ensuring fairness for all students;
  • Shared - providing all students, regardless of background, with the shared knowledge they need to be included in our national literate culture.

Listed below are units of study at each grade level.  For more information, please contact our curriculum director, Mrs. Micki Shore, at